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The Podcast

Join best friends & your sisters in the Kingdom, Chrissy Rynveld & Emma Rose Klinger, as they take us along their journey through Fuller Theological Seminary together!


They’ll openly discuss their experiences integrating what God reveals to them as Chrissy aspires toward Chaplaincy with the Army through her MA of Divinity with a focus on Pastoral Counseling & Emma Rose holds a Clinical Psychology doctoral candidacy incorporating an MA of Theology & Ministry. They’ll share what they learn about being made “Whole” & living life “To The Full” through their Fuller education. 

This podcast is ideal for Christian Women in various stages in their walk with Christ, especially those who haven’t always had the easy road in life, who want to belong, be encouraged & grow in His fullness with an online Kingdom-minded community!


The Organization

In 2017, Whole Health Foundation (WHF) was first incorporated & formed as a 501(c)(3)

by Emma Rose as the Lord led her to Jesus Christ's greatest commandment in Luke 10:27,

"To love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself."

She saw that if one loved the Lord with their whole being, that one could learn through His guidance how to love oneself & others in a healthy & honoring way. She believed being made whole also meant being restored to one's wholeness in the Lord & being restored with healthy, complete relationships with loved ones regardless of past pain & trauma. 


Whole Health was created on the mission to create products & programs to help people of all ages pursue whole health with practical application.

Whole Health is defined as physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual health.


WHF's first project was a healthy children's cooking class program in the summer of 2017. In 2020, WHF started developing The Sanctified Life Journal & Planner to promote everyday reflection with Christ using a morning Whole Health Check-In & evening Examen.

In 2021, Emma Rose was encouraged in a final email from her late ex-spouse to continue supporting others in their journey toward whole health. Shortly after, Emma Rose, of WHF partnered with Chrissy to start the Whole & To The Full podcast after they both got accepted into Fuller Theological Seminary. They wanted to bring women along the ride of their journey of a lifetime together as they studied & pursued the God with all their

heart, soul, strength, & mind!

About Us

Emma Rose R. Klinger
PhD Clinical Psychology Candidate
MA Theology & Ministry Candidate

Chrissy Rynveld
MA Divinity & Pastoral Counseling Candidate
Army Chaplain Candidate

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