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Breaking Down The Sanctified Life Journal & Planner

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

You heard about The Sanctified Life Journal & Planner & you're probably wondering about couple questions like "What is it other than a Journal & Planner combination?" "What should I know about it?" "Why should I support its creation?" or "Why should I want one or gift one?" Check out the answers to these & other questions below.

If there's a question I haven't answered, email it & I'll get back to you! Otherwise, if you like what you see below, you can support here!


What is it? In one (rather long) sentence:

It's the 5-in-1 bullet journal for Christ-followers to stay connected to God as their first love in the morning & evening, while pursuing whole health – physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually - through their everyday journaling & planning.

What should I know about it? A couple things:

  • The prototype is in its creation stages with the goal to make it readily available for backers early November for gifting during the holidays in time for the New Year!

  • Whole Health Foundation is crowdfunding until September 18th to get the first batch printed & reach economies of scale to fund more toward its cause & sister nonprofit org Keep It Sacred Sister.

  • It is undated, so you can start whenever you can & not feel guilty about wasting paper if you miss a day!

  • There are undated month-view calendars in the front to keep track of the big days to remember on one page.

  • There are pages to write out prayers & prayer progress/answers.

  • The dimensions are 7" x 10".

  • Backers can customize several things:

  • One of 10 covers to choose from including 5 solid colors or 5 Yoga & Art Journey healing art pieces by Rhonna Del Rio (preview below)

  • Classic or spiral-binding

  • Personalize with name or initials printed in gold stamping on the cover (optional)

  • Personalize with the season of the year in gold stamping on the cover (optional)

Why should I support its creation? The good work.

It impacts the lives of survivors & their healing through funding. Also, voluntarily shared whole health & habit tracking data contributes to research on resilience & spiritual practices. Even the artwork by Rhonna Del Rio on the cover was chosen for its focus on healing & wholeness.

Why should I want one or gift one? Why not? (JK!😉)

Other than the fact that the Journal & Planner combination allows you to seamlessly share your thoughts with God & plan the day out with Him in the same place, there's so much more to it with its 5-in-1 functionality:

1. It's a Morning Bullet Journal - Wake up in peace. According to Psychology Today, especially during this pandemic, journaling has been found to reduce stress & anxiety levels. Check-in with yourself & plan from a place of peace by clearing your brain (like taking note of all those details from that dream last night!).

2. Whole Health Check-In - Figure out where you're at & what you need with God. This practice takes the effective work of self-directed cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) & allows you to give yourself the time to check-in on your emotional, spiritual, physical, & mental health that day quantitatively & qualitatively & assess what you need with God. Have trouble articulating your emotions? The Journal & Planner includes a feelings wheel to put words to

what you're sensing. Looking back on the

numbers each day help you to see how

you may be progressing in each area.

3. Daily Planner - After understanding your needs for the day, let the Holy Spirit guide your plans for it. By planning what you can control, you increase resilience to grow through whatever you're going through. We will survive this season.

4. Evening Examen - Reflect & learn from your day with God. Through this practice developed by St. Ignatius Loyola, you'll allow the Holy Spirit to illustrate life's abundance to be thankful for & opportunities to grow & learn for tomorrow. Each day He brings us from glory to glory, so enjoy the process.

5. Habit Tracker - Stay on top of your habit goals! There is a habit list tracker for up to 10 habits to be tracked each month with a section in the daily planner pages to cross off when you complete a targeted habit every day!

You can also share data to see trends!

Additionally, at the end of 90-days, journalers have the option to share information like their quantitative whole health & habit tracking data for a look-back chart in relation to their experiences to eventually contribute to research on resilience & spiritual practices. Here's a view of a 30-day sample.

Why give this Journal & Planner a try?

I've been journaling all my life & like King David, I used journaling to process the most painful moments of life with God. While in graduate school, on the hunt to understand what makes people thrive in the workplace before going into a career at a Big 5 in change management, culture, & talent consulting, I learned how to journal with these integrated cognitive-behavioral therapy prompts & they've helped me thrive & find joy no matter the season. I was my best self when I journaled in the morning.

God & I called it my "Whole Health Check-In," of which I gauged my health physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. He then opened my eyes to see that it was when I understood where I was in all areas, that I could better identify what I needed & where He wanted me to be. Once we landed on that, I would lay out my requests to Him, & He would help me plan my day more intentionally with His will in mind. On those days, He would take me further in love, patience, kindness, peace, healing, & health beyond what I could do on my own. 

It was after doing this structured journaling for over 5 years, that I've come to see that this was a practice of living The Sanctified Life - taking time for self-love & submitting myself to God first. By understanding my own needs & being filled in His love in the morning, I was able to walk in love in its purest form throughout the day. People liked me more on those days & I wasn't striving to please. I was pleasing from a place of abundance instead of lack. My cup was full & I was sharing what I had. Additionally, I learned about the Evening Examen by St. Ignatius Loyola & integrated it into my reflective practice. Helping me start the day & end with Him - my first love

This way of journaling became my everyday practical opportunity to follow the commandment to, "Love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength & all your mind" (Luke 10:27). I hope it helps you & others do the same, while impacting the lives of survivors & their healing.

Help bring The Sanctified Life Journal & Planner to life by supporting it on Kickstarter by September 18th, 2020 - National First Love Day. 😊

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